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Nature Career Column: Ways to promote and foster collaborative research in your lab

Katherine D. Kinzler and Kristin Shutts

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The Hill: Why I don't want my daughter to learn about US Presidents

Katherine Kinzler // April 25, 2017

Katherine D. Kinzler // January 2017

Quartz: A Cornell psychologist explains how to raise kids well in the age of Trump

Katherine D. Kinzler // November 17, 2016

Katherine D. Kinzler // October 21, 2016

NYTimes: Babies Watching People Eat

Katherine D. Kinzler // August 19, 2016

NYTimes: The Superior Social Skills of Bilinguals

Katherine D. Kinzler // March 11, 2016

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Katherine Kinzler interviewed by Robert Siegel // March 21, 2016

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Katherine Kinzler interviewed by Brian Lehrer // March 23, 2016

NYTimes: Do Children in France Have a Healthier Relationship With Alcohol?

Katherine D. Kinzler and Justine Vanden Heuvel // April 28, 2016

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Duke Today

What your Facebook Network Reveals About How You Use Your Brain

Katherine Kinzler Cited July 9, 2018

From Collards To Maple Syrup, How Your Identity Impacts The Food You Like

National Public Radio, May 11, 2018

What Does Your Accent Say About You?

BBC Future March 9, 2018

Southern Accents Are ‘Nice,’ Northern Accents Are ‘Smart’ and ‘In Charge,’ Even to Little Kids

December 27, 2017

What Trump Is Teaching American Children

January 26, 2017

Babies Show a Clear Bias - To Learn New Things

October 26, 2016

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Babies Chew on Subtle Social Cues at Mealtime

Cornell Chronicle, August 31, 2016

Cornell Chronicle: Diverse Faculty Shift National Discourse One Op-Ed At A Time

April 11, 2016

Chicago Mag: Diversity in Children’s Books Is Hard to Find—But Important

JUNE 25, 2015

Children exposed to other languages are better at understanding other people

May 31, 2015

Study shows bilingual children are better communicators

May 21, 2015

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Kids Exposed To Multiple Languages Are Better Communicators: Study

May 5, 2015

Multilingual Environments Enrich Our Understanding of Others

May 13, 2015

Babies Can Tell Friend From Foe At 9 Months: How Infants' Gaze Helps Their Social Cognition

January 9, 2014

The Mind Report

August 10, 2013

Voice almighty: Decoding speech’s secret signals

July 10, 2013

Why Do Southern Drawls Sound Uneducated To Some? Study Suggests Media Exposure Plays Role

December 9, 2012

New study shows how some Americans start to associate a Southern accents with lack of intelligence as early as AGE FIVE

December 8, 2012

Observer: APS Rising Star Katherine D. Kinzler

December 27, 2011

NYTimes: Insights From the Youngest Minds

April 30, 2012

Basic Human Nature: Can it be changed?

The Wall Street Journal // November 5, 2011

Accents trump skin color

March 1, 2010